Procreate paint splatter brush set April 10, 2018 at 07:09AM


Spray paint splatter set—originally for Photoshop, but now you can get them onto your **iPad using Procreate.**

First, let me say I love Procreate. Its hands down the best painting package I’ve ever used. I thought it was about time to get off my lazy backside and made some brushes—so I did.

This pack is my first; It includes 21 high-resolution ink splatter effects as fully functioning **procreate brushes.**

They are all handmade with real ink on real paper, scanned in, cleaned up and converted to a brush. So to sum these textures up, they are paint splatter, like you took your paint brush and threw it against a canvas.

**Procreate Brushes usage**

I started out using them for type effects, but now I’m using them in my Procreate oil paintings.

If you look closely at my David Bowie, Bob Marley and Pablo Picasso paintings you can just about see the added paint spray effects—all done within Procreate.

But don’t limit yourself to oil paintings, use them for almost any painting style or effect.

**Stamp style brush**

The brushes are like a stamp brush, but I’ve added a few dynamic elements so it will rotate the brush.

I prefer to tap the pencil and scale each brushmark into just the right place. They are fantastic at adding a touch of realism and dynamic energy to your work.

You can use these brushes to add a very subtle layer of paint spray, or you can go full out big guns blood splatter.

**Spray paint examples**

Be sure to check out my preview images; they show all the brushes and how I’m using them in my digital portrait paintings.

**What you get**

– 21 individual procreate brushes
– Full install instructions
– Free updates

**Please note:** This spray paint splatter set is for Procreate, on the Apple Ipad only, but you can get it for Photoshop—

If you have any questions I’m happy to help, just drop me a comment here, or send me a message.

You can also follow my other ramblings on instagram—

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Fierce font SVG brush display type April 04, 2018 at 03:24PM


Fierce is a real colour font (OpenType-SVG), created with acrylic paint on transparency film. This gives it a level of detail that you just can’t get with a traditional vector typeface. The paint almost looks a dry brush because you can see each and every stroke.

It’s a big and brash display font, with a slight punk attitude. Would be perfect for posters, packaging, advertising, headlines, branding, signage and anything where you want that urban look and feel.

If this font were a band it would be more The Ramones than Rebecca Black. It’s quite shouty like a Friday night out on the town—Partyin’, partyin’ Fun, fun, fun, fun!

** Quick video demo **

** Cutting Edge **

Like punk, Fierce is also experimental, it only works on Mac Photoshop, Illustrator and a handful of other native Mac applications.

** Non-Mac users **

If you don’t own a Mac computer or your software is too old I’ve provided high-resolution images for photoshop, so you can still manually compose letterforms inside photoshop. Plus there is the traditional vector typeface included.

** Want Extra Grunge? **

I’m also including my Spray paint splatter set ( Easily add that extra touch of organic energy to the typeface with the transparent png files.

** Vector Typeface included **

I have also converted the font to a traditional black and white typeface that will work on Windows and Mac in any application.

** OpenType SVG includes **

– A-Z uppercase letters
– Numbers
– Punctuation
– Symbols
– Marks
– No support for Western, Central or South Eastern Glyphs

Due to size limitations, it only includes Basic Latin A-Z and has no support for Western, Central or South Eastern European glyphs. As the OpenType-SVG technology evolves I may add support for Western, Central and South Eastern Glyphs—All updates are free.

** Traditional vector font includes **

– A-Z uppercase letters
– Numbers
– Punctuation
– Symbols
– Marks
– Full support for Western, Central or South Eastern Glyphs

** Photoshop font **

All the glyphs are included in a single photoshop file, each glyph is approx 1200×1200 pixels at 300 DPI

Please note: OpenType-SVG is a new technology, it only became industry standard in 2016. At the moment colour bitmap fonts will only work on MacOs.

Illustrator CC 2018+ and Photoshop CC 2017+ officially support and display colour fonts. InDesign CC 2018 has got unofficial support. They will work with most Mac native apps like pages, keynote, TextEdit and Safari.

For PC users I have included all the letters as .psd files so you can still use them for your designs. And it also has the traditional vector font that will work anywhere.

Check what is supported at

** Font Preview **

The preview below is for the vector version of the typeface. CM is unable to show the full-colour font, but you can see all the glyphs in the preview screens.

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